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Please Note
If you've noticed that maybe you haven't seen our vehicles in your area quite as often, this is due to our Volunteer Supervisor being out for a period of time.  Don't worry, though - your streets are still being protected and patrolled frequently by officers with the department; however, there may be a reduction in frequency as we have less volunteers on the road at this time.

Animal Services

Effective October 1, 2014, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office took over Animal Control and Enforcement, which was previously governed by Brevard County Animal Services.  If you encounter an emergency situation involving an animal, please call the Rockledge Police Department by via 911 or the non-emergency line at (321) 690-3988, depending on the circumstances.  If you have an animal concern of a more routine nature, please call (321) 633-2024.

Body Cameras
The Rockledge Police Department will soon be issuing body cameras to every patrol officer on the force.  Body cameras offer a number of benefits to citizens of the community as well as the officers wearing them, as interactions are recorded accurately and overall accountability is improved.

Toy Donations for Needy Families
The Rockledge Police Department will be collecting toy donations for the Sharing Center to donate to needy families this holiday season.  There will be a designated donation box in the police department lobby beginning November 3.  The collection period will run through the first week in December.  We are asking that only NEW, UNWRAPPED toys be donated.  Last year, the Sharing Center donated toys to over 250 families with children, and we are on a mission to make an even greater impact this year by assisting in their collection efforts.  If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer LeVasseur at (321) 690-3213 ext. 3156 or Lt. Donna Seyferth at (321) 690-3213 ext. 3188.  The Rockledge Police Department and the Sharing Center appreciate your donations!

Prescription Drug Collection Box
The Rockledge Police Department offers a one-stop shop for prescription disposal in the lobby of the police department.  Our prescription drug collection box is available to citizens who wish to dispose of unwanted prescription medications.  There are no questions asked – simply drop your prescription medications into the box!  Certain items are prohibited – please utilize the list of items above the drug box for accepted and unaccepted prescriptions/items.

New Cars are In Service!
Our new patrol vehicles are officially on the road!  The Rockledge Police Department has introduced a number of new vehicles to its fleet, including a K-9 SUV.  The new cruisers look sharp on the road and are more environmentally friendly.  We are excited to have these well-equipped and up-to-date vehicles assisting the officers in keeping the streets of Rockledge safe!       

New K9 Vehicle






Citizen Survey
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