Services Provided

  1. Communications

    See what the Communications Division does for you.

  2. Criminal Investigations

    Learn about the Criminal Investigations Division.

  3. Reserve Officers

    Browse details on the reserve officers.

  4. Road Patrol

    Stay up to date on the Road Patrol.

  5. Records Division

    Browse the duties of the Records Division

  6. School Resource Officers

    Learn the duties of School Resource Officers.

  7. ERT

    Learn what the Emergency Response Team is all about.

  8. CNT

    Learn what the Crisis Negotiations Team does.

  9. Evidence/Crime Scene

    The Crime Scene/Evidence Section is a huge part of this agency. Learn why!

  10. Community Relations Unit

    An overview of the Community Relations Unit

  11. Police Chaplains

    A description of our Police Chaplain program

  12. Code Enforcement