Lost and Found

This page will allow citizens to check the agency's Found Property Register, which will also be located in the lobby of the Rockledge Police Department.

If you feel that one of the items on this register may be your lost item, please call the Rockledge Police Department Evidence Technician Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. in order to retrieve your item. Please note that no item will be released to anyone without proper documentation of ownership, such as a receipt. If ownership cannot be proven, we will not release the item.

For more information, please contact the Evidence Technician at 321-690-3988, ext. 3155 during business hours.


Lost and Found
2017-00026957 Driver's License/ID
2017-00024118 Clothing/Furs
2017-00023059 Wallet/Purse/Luggage
2017-00022189 Wallet/Purse/Luggage
2017-00022220 Credit/Debit Cards
2017-00021877 Documents
2017-00020552 Driver's License/ID
2017-00020018 Miscellaneous
2017-00016846 Driver's License/ID
2017-00022287 Bicycle
2017-00021890 Bicycle
2017-00018117 Bicycle
2017-00015543 Bicycle