General Information

Composition:  The City Council is composed of the mayor and six members, who are elected by the voters of the City of Rockledge.  Elections are at-large, with no districts or party affiliations.  The city council seats are numbered for identification purposes only and do not indicate representation of any area or neighborhood.

Eligibility:  Only registered voters residing in the city shall be eligible to hold the office of city councilmember or mayor.

Election and Terms:  Annual elections are held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each and every year, at which the following officers shall be elected:  Two city councilmembers to fill the two city council seats open to election each year; a mayor in the years when that office is open to election; and such vacancies in the city council or the office of mayor that exist and are open to election under the provisions of the City's Charter.  The term of office of the mayor and each city councilmember is three years.