City Council Subcommittees - 2015/2016

The chairman of the City Council is empowered to appoint members of the City Council to serve on subcommittees established by the City Council.  Following are the subcommittees of the City Council:

Administrative, Personnel & Community Relations Committee

Councilman Smith, Chair; Councilmen Blake & Daski

Business Development & Local Industry Committee
Councilman Daski, Chair; Councilmen Blake & Hartselle

Finance & Budget Committee

Mayor Price, Chair; Councilmen O'Neill, Forester & Daski

Police & Fire Committee
Councilman Blake, Chair; Mayor Price & Councilman Smith

Public Works & Utilities Committee

Councilman Hartselle, Chair; Councilmen O'Neill & Forester

Recreation & Beautification Committee
Councilman Forester, Chair; Councilmen Smith & Hartselle

Water Resources Committee

Councilman Hartselle, Chair; Councilmembers O'Neill & Forester