Rockledge Community Garden at Barton

In 2011, the Redevelopment Agency Board of Commissioners voted to move forward with fact-finding related to the potential benefits of community gardens. A viable site was identified for planting, and Agency staff established a Garden Council composed of gardening experts from the area. After several meetings, the Council established a comprehensive set of by-laws and best practices for the community garden and designated it as the Rockledge Community Garden at Barton.

Located in the heart of the Barton Boulevard Redevelopment Sub-District, the property previously contained a dilapidated structure, which was acquisitioned by the Agency in 2010 and later demolished. In order to ensure the success of the Community Garden, the Agency Board approved start-up funding in the amount of $6,500.


For a nominal yearly membership fee, garden members are given a 5-foot by 20-foot plot and provided access to irrigation at each site. Gardeners access the secured area via a combination lock.

Now well into its third year, the Rockledge Community Garden at Barton continues to flourish and prosper. In 2013, a prospective Eagle Scout chose to enhance and refurbish the Community Garden as his Eagle Project, which also included the construction of an informational kiosk onsite, planting climbing flower vines and performing general refinements.

Those interested in renting a plot in the Rockledge Community Garden at Barton can contact the Community Redevelopment Agency at 321-305-4975.


Community Garden