AC4P Policing Initiative

The Rockledge Police Department is proud to announce that we are participating in the AC4P movement.  What is AC4P, you ask?  AC4P stands for "Actively Caring for People."  AC4P defines this as "any behavior that goes above and beyond the call of duty on behalf of the health, safety or welfare of another person." 

Simply put, this initiative is set forth through the use of wristbands.  The Rockledge Police Department will be handing out green, individually serialized wristbands to citizens who are observed performing acts of kindness in the community.  The officer will also document the act of kindness, and the act will be shared on the department's website.

In an effort to "pay it forward," wristband recipients are encouraged to transfer their wristband to another citizen who they witness performing a caring act for someone else.  A free replacement wristband will be provided to the original person when they "pay it forward."  We just ask that you tell us what act of kindness you witnessed by the person to whom you gave your bracelet.

Please note - if we choose to share your story, we will share the story only - NO personal contact information.

It's that simple! 

AC4P flowchart
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