Mayor & City Council

Tom Price
Joe Lee Smith
Shaun Ferguson
Sammie Brown Martin 2019
Frank Forester
Duane Daski
Ted Hartselle

Elected Officials

Name Position Current Term Expires
Thomas J. Price - Chair Mayor November 2020
Dr. Joe Lee Smith Council Seat 1 November 2019
Dr. R. Shaun Ferguson
Council Seat 2 November 2019
Sammie Brown Martin Council Seat 3 November 2020
Frank T. Forester - Vice Chair Council Seat 4 November 2020
Duane A. Daski Council Seat 5 November 2021
Ted J. Hartselle Council Seat 6 November 2021
Dr. Brenda Fettrow
Lisa C. Nicholas
City Attorney Joe Miniclier

City Council Support Staff

Name Title
Dr. Brenda Fettrow
City Manager
Lisa C. Nicholas
Public Relations Officer & City Clerk
Joseph E. "Joe" Miniclier City Attorney
Rockledge City Council 2019

2019 Council Meeting Schedule

2019 ADOPTED Meeting Schedule-


The City of Rockledge functions under a council / manager form of municipal government. The City Council consists of six members elected at-large for three-year terms, along with the Mayor, whose term is also for three years. The terms of the Council members are staggered to allow election of two council seats each year, the election of mayor occurring simultaneously with council seats three and four. The municipal election is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November each year.

While the Mayor and the City Council act as the legislative body of the City of Rockledge, the actual operation of the City and its day-to-day functions are the responsibility of the City Manager and her departmental support staff consisting of Public Relations Officer and City Clerk, Finance Director, Building Official, Planning Director, Director of Public Safety, Director of Public Works, Director of Wastewater Treatment and Water Reclamation and the Community Advocate/Assistant to the City Manager.

The chairman of the City Council is empowered to appoint members of the City Council to serve on subcommittees and to represent the City Council on other governmental bodies that require the City's input.