Business Development Committee


  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Last Tuesday of the month
  • Building Department Conference Room at City Hall

Agendas & Minutes

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Eleven members, appointed by City Council to two-year terms.

Term of Office
Gregory PhelpsMemberMay 2023
Daniel HennChairMay 2023
Josiah GattleMemberMay 2023
Sean FarrellMemberMay 2023
Noelle NickersonMemberJune 2023
Amy TiddMemberMay 2023
Desiree BabbsMemberMay 2023
Jody SpinneweberMemberJune 2023
Janet MonacoMemberMay 2023
Ronald RamseyMemberMay 2023
Erinn StrankoMemberMay 2023


Following appointment, any member who has three consecutive unexcused absences (those not approved by the chair prior to the meeting involved) or a total of four absences during any 12-month period (excused or unexcused) shall automatically be terminated and removed as a member of the committee.


  • To implement a strategic plan for a long range program of quality business and industrial growth by allowing diversification of economic and tax base of the city
  • To educate the community on the need for business and industry