City Clerk & Public Relations Officer


Jennifer M. LeVasseur, City Clerk
321.221.7540, Opt. 1

Rockledge City Hall
1600 Huntington Lane
Rockledge, FL  32955

The Office of the City Clerk is the most tenured office of municipal government and is a service department to which the mayor, council, city manager, and departments of the government, as well as the general public, look for information regarding the operations of the city.

The following encompass the duties of the City Clerk, who also serves as the City’s Public Relations Officer:

As Administrator to the City Council - Statutory Duties

  • Serve as liaison between the public and the mayor and council
  • Administer and record oaths of office for council and other sworn officers of the city
  • Prepare and maintain custody of all official city records and files
  • Write, record, file, and advertise ordinances, resolutions, and notices of public hearings
  • Record official minutes of the council
  • Serve as parliamentarian
  • Prepare city council meeting agendas

As Public Relations Officer

  • Oversee all public relations and communications, both internal and external
  • Draft city-related correspondence, including press releases, media advisories, and constituent responses
  • Interact with the media
  • Maintain the city’s website
  • Serve as social media manager
  • Design marketing materials and advertisements

As Administrator of the Municipal Corporation

  • Maintain custody of the municipal seal
  • Maintain receipt of service, legal documents and contracts
  • Maintain the city charter, city codes and land development regulations
  • Sign and seal official documents

As Election Official

  • Certify vacancies existing on the local level
  • Coordinate voter registration activities with county election officials
  • Furnish and receive qualifying materials for local elections
  • Maintain receipt of election results
  • Provide layout of local election ballot
  • Receive and maintain candidate records
  • Qualify candidates during the candidate-qualifying period
  • Accept candidate campaign expense reports

Other General Duties

  • Receive and process applications for volunteer boards and committees
  • Receive and process public information and public records requests
  • Provide notary services