Fire inspections are conducted at places of business on a random basis with specific types of occupancies requiring annual inspections. Annual inspections are conducted on the following types of occupancies:

  • Day care / child care centers
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Group homes
  • Public schools

Other occupancies are inspected randomly or as the occupancy changes from one type of business to another. Inspections are also provided on request by contacting the Fire Marshal Brian Simmons at 321-690-3988 ext. 3222.

Restaurants and apartments are inspected and regulated by the State of Florida. We receive notices of inspections from the Division of Hotels and Restaurants for follow-up on observed fire code violations.


Complaints are investigated as received, and in most cases the complaints are determined to be unfounded during the inspectors visit. To file a fire or life safety complaint you can fill out the online form.

Note: The fire department has no authority for issues involving fire hazards in the private residential home. Issues involving overgrown lots, trash, and possible hazards in a yard or activity at a home such as an unlicensed business should be sent to the Code Enforcement Department.

Fire Pre-Plans

The fire department visits businesses in order to conduct fire pre-plans. This allows our firefighters to examine the facility and see the existing hazards that they may encounter during emergencies at that location. During these visits, observed fire code violations are brought to the attention of the facility staff. Serious code issues are forwarded to the fire inspector for follow-up.

Contact Us

  1. Fire Marshal

    Brian Simmons #222
    (321) 690-3988 ext. 3222