Listed below are some incentives that are available to businesses locating or expanding within the Rockledge Community Redevelopment District, as well as other incentives available to all Florida businesses under Florida statute.

Staff reviews each potential business on a case-by-case basis, so there is the possibility that additional incentives could be available, depending on the size and scope of the endeavor. Download the printable list of potential incentives (PDF).

Redevelopment District Incentives

Potential for Relaxed Land Development Regulations

  • Parking reductions
  • Stormwater management adjustments
  • Setback waivers

Redevelopment Mixed Use (RMU) Zoning Designation, which allows for:

  • A greater variety of uses (most flexible of the City's zoning designations)
  • A density up to 25 units per acre
  • Heights of up to 110 feet upon meeting certain architectural and site design criteria
  • Floor-Area-Ratio (FAR) of up to 1

Expedited Permitting

  • Expedited review - projects within the Redevelopment District are given priority
  • One-stop permitting
  • Priority reviews and inspections

Facade Improvement Grant Program

Fee Incentives

  • Potentially deferred waste water impact fees

Tax Abatement Program

  • The City recently approved, through referendum, a tax abatement program. It is available to all businesses within the Rockledge City limits.

General Incentives Currently Available Under Florida Law

  • $5,000 corporate income tax exemption
  • $25,000 homestead tax exemption
  • No personal income tax
  • No state-level ad valorem taxes
  • No tax on inventories, goods-in-process, or goods-in-transit
  • Sales tax exemption on new machinery and equipment
  • Sales tax exemption on raw materials used in manufacturing
  • Tax exemption on pollution control equipment