Women in Policing

During the last 11 months, the Rockledge Police Department has appointed four (4) front line detectives. For the first time in our history, all detectives are female!
Congrats to all of our newly appointed detectives (from left to right): Detective Banks, Detective Navigato, Detective Romnosky and Detective Blake. 
Of Rockledge’s 57 officers, 14 are female, bringing the percentage of female officers to about 24.5%.   From the most recent data available from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, local police departments average about 12 percent of women in their ranks.
To see all of these women in law enforcement doing great things is wonderful for Rockledge, and we are grateful for their service!
Female Detectives at Rockledge Police Department
Female officers from Rockledge Police Department

If you are a female seeking a rewarding career in law enforcement, then Rockledge Police Department may be just the agency you’re looking for!

Located in beautiful Brevard County, Florida, Rockledge is the oldest city in Brevard with a long history of employing female police officers. Today, 12 women carry an RPD badge, and the department is proud to have them within our ranks.

It’s quite obvious that Rockledge Police Department offers many opportunities for female sworn law enforcement officers. We have female officers serving in various ranks throughout the department, from Deputy Chief to School Resource Officer. Our female force consists of training officers, Community Relations Unit Coordinators, supervisors, etc., all of which serve an extremely important role in our department.

The competitive salary and benefits package offered at Rockledge Police Department helps our female personnel achieve their personal as well as professional goals. Tuition reimbursement, for example, helps our officers obtain their educational goals through pursuing college courses, while those with degrees receive additional compensation for their educational achievements.

The Rockledge Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.