Candidate Qualifying Information & Forms Checklist

Qualifying Information

In order to begin your campaign, you must first appoint your campaign treasurer and designate your campaign depository. These two steps must be taken before you can open your campaign account, receive contributions or make expenditures. Form (DS-DE 9 (PDF)), which appoints a campaign treasurer and depository, along with the Statement of Candidate (DS-DE 84 (PDF)), must be filed with the Rockledge City Clerk’s Office. These two forms are the only two forms required to be filed prior to qualifying. Once you establish your account, you must begin filing campaign treasurer’s reports.

Before signing the Statement of Candidate, you are required to read Chapter 106, Florida Statutes.

If you have any questions concerning your intent to qualify, please do not hesitate to email the Rockledge Clerk or call 321-221-7540 during regular business hours.

Please make an appointment with the City Clerk via (321) 221-7540 ext. 104 or via email in order to submit qualifying documents.

Checklist of Forms Required In Order to Become a Qualified Candidate

Announcement of Intention to Become a Candidate (PDF)(2024)
City FormMay be filed with Rockledge Clerk any time prior to opening of the qualifying period
Affidavit of Nickname (PDF)
County FormFile this form only if using a nickname on the ballot
State FormAppointment of Campaign Treasurer/Designation of Campaign Depository - Must be filed with Rockledge Clerk prior to opening a Campaign Account
DS-DE 84 (PDF)
State FormStatement of Candidate - Must be filed within 10 days of filing Form DS-DE 9
State FormCandidate Oath
City Oath (PDF)
City FormCandidate’s Statement
CE Form 6
State FormStatement of Financial Interests (includes instructions)
Logic & Accuracy Test 2024 (PDF)State RequirementNotification of Public Logic & Accuracy Test of Election Equipment
Political Signs Notice (PDF)
City/State RequirementNotice of Usage & Removal of Political Advertisements
Qualifying Checklist for 2024

Qualifying Fees

Qualifying fees are a requirement of the City and the State and must be paid using a check from the Candidate’s campaign account

Mayor: $434.00 (includes City Qualifying Fee of $350.00, plus $84.00 State Election Assessment (one percent (1%) of annual salary)

Council member: $372.00 (includes City Qualifying Fee of $300.00, plus $72.00 State Election Assessment (one percent (1%) of annual salary)