K9 Unit

Corporal Tabaczynski and K9 Bronx

The K9 Unit is a valuable asset to the Rockledge Police Department as well as other agencies within Brevard County. Two specially trained officers work with the canines every day that they are on duty. The handler and German Shepard dog attend a specialized 16-week training agenda together to perform their duties which include drug detection, building searches, vehicle searches, crowd control, and tracking of suspects / fugitives and missing persons. The K9 Teams conduct training every month to maintain proficiency in their performance of the skills associated with their duties and are on call 24 hours a day. K9s Zeus and Bronx were purchased in February of 2014 and their names were selected from entries of the 6th grade classes at Andersen Elementary and Golfview Elementary. K9 Teams are available for demonstrations or presentations with City of Rockledge approval and schedule availability.

Please contact Corporal Jeff White for further information or to schedule a demonstration by calling 321-690-3988, ext. 3202 or sending him an e-mail.

Officer Morehead and K9 Gator
Officer Roman-Gonzalez and K9 Chico