Permitting and Installation Guide for Residential Whole House Generators

Scope and Purpose: This guide is intended to provide general information for the placement of Whole House Generators on residential property and to provide consistency in the enforcement of the City of Rockledge regulations. 

NOTE: This guide may not cover all situations or circumstances regarding generator installation. Contact the Building Department (321-221-7540) for information on specific installation requirements. 

Permits Required:

  • An electrical permit must be obtained by a licensed electrical contractor prior to installation.
  • Propane tank and/or natural gas piping must be installed by a licensed plumbing or mechanical contractor.
  • Required submittals:
  1. Completed permit application.
  2. Recorded Notice of Commencement.
  3. Two copies of survey or plot plan showing location of generator, tank, easements, piping, etc…
  4. Two copies of generator specifications and manufacturers installation instructions.
  5. Riser diagram of electrical system may be required if information is not found in manufacturers manual.
  6. Provide details of gas piping material, sizes, lengths, etc… 

Additional Requirements and Information:

  • Generator installation must comply with the Florida Building Code, National Electrical Code, Florida Fuel Gas Code, Florida Fire Prevention Code, and the National Fire Protection Association Code (NFPA).
  • Generators must be installed no closer than 5 feet from building openings (doors and windows).
  • Generator must be installed no closer than 3 feet from structures of combustible materials.
  • Generator must be installed according to the manufacturers recommendations/ requirements.
  • Electrical service meter/main disconnect must be labeled to indicate that “an alternate power source (generator) is connected to the electrical system.