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Mortgaged Real Property Foreclosure Registration

  1. Instructions

    The City of Rockledge Land Development Regulation Section 59.80 requires mortgage holders to register, inspect, maintain, and post real property IN DEFAULT. Failure to do so may result in code enforcement action against the mortgage holder and/or remediation by the City at a cost billed/liened to the mortgage holder. Prior to issuing a notice of mortgage default, mortgage holders must register defaulted property with the city, submitting the following information:

  2. Registration Type

    Select type of registration submission

  3. Must be completed if Deregister was selected under Registration Type

  4. Section 1

    Property Address/Mortgage/Property Manager

  5. Complete this if physical address is not available (example: NW corner of "A" and "B" Streets)

  6. Legal Description of Property
  7. Assigned by Brevard County

  8. Section 2

    Mortgage Company Information

  9. Section 3

    Local Property Manager/Management Company

  10. Section 4: Attachments and Exhibits

    Inspection of Defaulted Property Required

    The mortgage holder must promptly inspect defaulted property to determine if the property is vacant and/or in disrepair. If the property is vacant, the mortgage holder must inspect the property weekly thereafter. If the property is occupied, the mortgage holder must inspect the property monthly thereafter.

    Required Maintenance of Defaulted Property

    Mortgage holders are required to maintain defaulted property. Maintenance includes keeping the property free from the following: overgrowth; weeds; unauthorized accumulation of debris, circulars, and newspapers; junk vehicles; disrepair; unsecured buildings; and graffiti and vandalism. Pools, spas, and pool enclosures must be maintained and secured.

    Posting of Vacant Defaulted

    If the property is vacant, the mortgage holder must post the property with information on how to contact its local contact person. Said posting shall be no less than 18 inches by 24 inches, in a font visible from 45 feet. The posting shall contain the following language:

  11. This information must be posted on an interior window so that it is visible from the front street, or if no such window area exists, secured to the exterior of the building/structure facing the front street or on a stake of sufficient size to support the posting in a location that is at all times visible from the street but not readily accessible to vandals. Exterior postings should be protected from the elements.

    By signing this form, you are agreeing to the above minimum requirements for maintenance and payment of the annual registration fee of $200.00.

    If paying by check; please make checks payable to “City of Rockledge”

    Payments can be sent to:
    City of Rockledge
    Code Enforcement Division
    1600 Huntington Ln
    Rockledge FL 32955

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